Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time Flies

Today my girl, my firstborn, my constant friend turns twelve.  I'm not exactly sure how we came to this place, since it was only yesterday that I was pregnant with her.  It was just last week that she was learning to walk and talk and read and write.  She's growing before my very eyes, and it is a joy to witness all that she is becoming.  She loves others and she loves The Lord.  Her smile shines bright and her laugh is infectious.  She is beautiful, and I am proud of her, both who she is and who she is becoming.

Happy Birthday Natalie!

My cowgirl!

She is lovely...I love her!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Updates with Pictures!

So much work, so little time to blog!  Ha!  This is going to be a pictorial review of some of what has been going on around here on the homestead.  We continue to inch our way towards making the farm more sustaining, and also more beautiful!  Enjoy the pictures of our family fun....

Levi has been enjoying lots of good books!

I gave Natalie's hair a little trim...she's looking so grown up these days!

We wrote out lots of reasons why we love each other, and hung them across the mantel for Valentines Day.

My dad and Nathaniel built an awesome egg mobile for our hen flock!

Levi made a great supervisor!
The kids and I helped my dad split TONS of wood to fill the firewood rack!  My mom was thrilled.
The wood rack was filled just in time for a snow!

Burning junk mail in the fire pit.  Fun!
During family Bible time each night, we are working on memory verses.

We memorized this section and are working on serving one another in love!

I've been working on cleaning out...if it isn't nailed down it is fair game for the Goodwill or garage sale box!
I made Levi rake leaves one day...he was pooped afterwards!

Natalie killed her first snake...she was so proud!
My men built a patio for me.
It is awesome...12 ft x 18 ft of outdoor space!
Last but not least, we spend time praying together each day.  We pray for friends near and far, for family, and for lots of other things.  The family who prays together, stays together!