Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

First, Happy Independence Day to all, from Hen Hollow Homestead! 

Our egg production has really slowed in the last week.  We have gone from getting 10 eggs every single day, to getting 3 or 4 eggs at most each day.  We are contributing this to the heat we have been experiencing, but we are also researching to be sure there isn't more we should be doing for our feathered friends.  They all seem healthy and happy otherwise, so we figure that the hens are just not enjoying the heat!  Time for them to get over it, because we need more eggs! :)

In other news, the kids found another horn worm!  This time it had not made it into the garden, so my tomato plants are none the wiser, but the kids caught the worm and again, fed that little booger to the chickens who were happy to enjoy him as a mid-morning snack.  Good thing he hadn't made it to my garden!

In other news, the sunflowers Natalie planted continue to be beautiful!  Here is an early morning picture I took:

To try to beat the heat, and the blues we have been experiencing around here, last Sunday after church we drove up to the Water Gardens to check out the water.  It was incredibly HOT that day, but we forged through the sweat and enjoyed being together.  I took some pictures of the kids climbing and touching the water.  Surprisingly, there weren't many people there, so we were able to enjoy the park without a crowd.  Check us out...

Natalie and Levi leaning into the wall with trickling felt nice and cool on their hands!

My beautiful Natalie sitting looking at the shower pool...boy would it have been nice to hop on in! 

This is a huge water feature, as you can see, complete with platform steps leading down into the belly of the water.  I was too chicken to walk down there (can you say "not a risk-taker"?), but Nathaniel took each of the kiddos separately, and they enjoyed the challenge.   Natalie and Nathaniel are on the far left of this picture, I think ;)

Nathaniel, Levi, and Natalie at the top of "The Mountain", which is a huge and steep wall of steps to climb.  I stayed safely planted at the bottom, so I could take pictures of course! ;)

And lest you wonder if I was even there, I did attempt a self-portrait of Nathaniel and me.  It's not the best pic, but I have short arms, y'all!

That's all I have for now, but check back soon and I will share more of the fun we are having here at the Homestead!  Be blessed.


  1. The water Gardens were fun. In that one picture, it's Levi (not Natalie) and me right in the middle of the shot.

  2. Anne: You look so beautiful in the selfie! Thanks for sharing, Liz