Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Lesson Learned

WARNING:  This story does include some bathroom humor, but the story must be told.  It is much too funny to keep to myself!  Be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt, and you'll have tears streaming down your cheeks.  Trust me on this.

Not long ago we were in the health food store in our neighboring town.  We love to do some of our shopping there, and we were out of a few things so we stopped in.  I needed to run to the restroom when we first arrived, so Nathaniel and the kids went their own way, perusing the aisles for something new to try.  I headed to the back of the store to the restroom, and then went to gather the things on my list.  A little while into my shopping, Natalie comes to me in a bit of a panic, hides behind me, and attempts to tell me a story while laughing/crying all at the same time.  Here is the story that unfolded:

Natalie had tired of shopping with Nathaniel so she had gone back to the restroom thinking she would find me.  She was standing in the restroom, and heard some...noises from the next stall.  She, as teenagers tend to do, thought the worst and assumed that it was ME making the ummmm....noises.  Yes, can you believe it?!  So she decides to spray the bathroom liberally with peppermint essential oil air freshener that is on the counter.  After spritzing the room well, waving it all around dramatically, she decided it wasn't enough.  Sweet Natalie decided to say something in an attempt to be funny to her mother, whom she thought was the one in there making those loud, un-graceful bathroom noises that come after you've eaten something that didn't agree with you.  So she says in a most sassy tone, "Good Luck!!" and giggles.  ***crickets***  There was silence (except for the noises).  No quick and witty response from mom.  Then she noticed an eye, perring at her through the crack of the stall door.  And IT WASN'T MOM'S EYE!!  ***Cue terror***  She realized it wasn't me, and apologized before darting from the restroom mortified of her mistake.  That is when she came to me, hiding behind me and the cart, red as a cherry! 

I could not stop laughing.  Truth be told, I still laugh every time I think about it.  It was mortifying for her, but I find it hysterical.  Nothing better to keep a teen humble that a bad bathroom humor experience.  Seriously, still laughing!  HAHAHAHAHA!

**Note:  This story was retold with permission from Natalie.  I would not embarrass her intentionally (okay, maybe I would, but not like this!).  Next time you see her, simply utter the words "Good Luck" and she will know what you mean! HAHA!

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