Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everything and Nothing

We have certainly been busy here at the homestead, but when I went looking through the pictures on my phone, it seems there aren't many photos to show for it.  We will go with the excuse that we have been too busy to take pictures! ;)

We have done some more work in the garden, preparing the sandy soil for planting.  This spring-like weather has me itching to get out there and get some seeds in the ground, but sure as I do, I know it will freeze and I will have to start all over again.  I am trying to be patient...spring come quickly!

Nathaniel and I took a super quick trip to our old house (which is STILL for sale!) to deal with a few things...batteries in the smoke detector, leaves in the yard, etc.  We were literally in town about an hour, and then hopped back in the car to drive back to the homestead.  All told it was 6 1/2 hours of driving for one hour of work, but now it is done.  We need that house to sell, and quickly.  Your prayers for that are appreciated!

The farmhouse bedroom closets did not have doors on them, so we've been staring at our clothes and shoes while we devised a plan.  Closet doors are EXPENSIVE, and we needed three sets!  OUCH!  Enter the internet, where I found a picture of the perfect doors.  I emailed the photo to Nathaniel, and in just a few hours of work, using wood we already had on hand,  he had them built and ready to hang!  He is amazing and talented, and I am so thankful he goes along with my crazy visions.  I LOVE the new doors.  So far, we only have them in our bedroom, but soon, when he has another day off of work, he will build out the doors for the kids' closets.  I cannot wait!

Aren't they lovely??  And perfect for my farmhouse/homestead decor.  Just ignore the pile of shoes on the right of the doors...I am clearing out and cleaning up, and finding homes for things.

We put the chicks out to pasture yesterday.  They had been hanging out in their chicken tractor in our backyard, but I was tired of stepping in chicken poo every time I made a trip to and from my new clothesline, so they had to go.  They are loving the grass that is coming in in the pasture, and are enjoying the bugs and worms they scratch up, too!  I am loving having my backyard back.

We have a group of ducks that have made their home in our tank/pond.  It is fun to watch them, and also to hear them quacking away down there.  We have been putting out some scratch feed for them, and apparently they are enjoying it, because they have decided to call the farm 'home'.  I wonder if we will end up with duck babies?

In other news, I did take the kids to the children's museum at Baylor.  They loved it!  We didn't even see half of it, there is so much, but we do plan to go back soon :)

Well, I guess as far as newsworthy happenings here, that about covers it.  I will try to do better about taking pictures this week, so check back soon for more homestead happenings!


  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! The doors are beautiful. It seems that your new home is a perfect fit! Love ya and miss ya! Sc

  2. Thanks for the pics and the update on what's going on. Good thing you have so much wood in your wood pile.