Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pictures from Around the Homestead

Just popping in to share a few photos from around the homestead this week.  The weather has been gorgeous so we are spending all of our time outdoors...planting, cleaning up, and beautifying our little corner of the world.  Unfortunately, when we are concentrating our attention outside, the inside of my house falls apart!  Ugh!  Today, I'm conquering the mess that lies within the walls of the house...wish me luck!

Laundry hanging on the line - I LOVE hanging laundry out to dry!

Natalie planting sunflower seeds for the kids sunflower house!

Flowers hanging on the gate.

Daffodils in the front flower bed.

This scene sits just outside my side door.

The garden all planted - well, mostly!  We still have our watermelon and cantaloupe to get in, but it will go in another part of the garden...this large section is just veggies!

Sunflowers sprouting already!

Old red wagon full of flowers in a vintage sink! 

Planting flowers and garden seeds one day...what a beautiful mess!

Dinner on the back patio...grilled meat and raw veggies!  MMMM!

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