Wednesday, January 27, 2016


January 27, 2001 was the day I became a Mrs. to my very favorite Mr.  Nathaniel and I made a commitment to God and to each other that day.  Every single day since then, we have gotten up in the morning and made the decision to keep that commitment.  This morning he texted me that he would choose me all over again, and I told him that he already does.  Every single day he chooses me, and I am so, so thankful!

We've packed lots of things in these last 15 years.  Some good, some not-so-good.  Some sickness and some health.  Some really, really HARD things, and some really, really GREAT things.  We've had two beautiful children, and also had to release two beautiful babies to Heaven.  We are living our dream homeschooling and homesteading on our little farm.  We have laughed 'til our sides hurt, and cried 'til there were no more tears.  We have driven a granny car, a mini-van, and a farm truck.  We've rented apartments, condos, and houses, and we've owned a couple of houses, too.  We've made every single one into a HOME.  We have chased kids, dogs, and chickens.  We been angry, happy, sad, frustrated, elated, and ecstatic.  We have apologized, asked for forgiveness, and forgiven.  We love.  Yes, we love.

Happy 15th Anniversary to my Mr.  I love you!

The BIG Day!  January 27, 2001.

My Mr. Holding Natalie and Levi on the day Levi was born.

Mr. and Mrs. in December 2015.

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  1. You are too sweet! Being your Mr. is one of the greatest joys of my life.

    I didn't remember that picture holding both kids just after Levi was born. I wonder if Natalie remembers that!

    I love you!