Thursday, January 28, 2016

Piles, Piles, Everywhere!

I am typically a person who tries to keep my home picked up and organized.  I am not necessarily a clean freak, though I could easily fall into that if I let myself.  I love a tidy environment, and truly enjoy the process of organizing and creating systems.  The reality, though, is that my home is a shared place where life happens.  If I was the only person living here, it would be much easier to keep it just the way I like it.  But I am not.  I am so thankful to have my people here with me, and I try not to make big battles out of keeping the house perfect.  Sometimes, as life is happening at a fast pace, the piles begin to appear.  I'll have several projects going on at once, and without any extra space, it all happens in the common areas.  My living room and dining room become the office/warehouse/workroom.  That has happened this week.  AHHHHHH!  The truth is, the piles make me twitch.  I find it hard to relax when the mess surrounds me.  But I am working on what I can do each day, and trying to remind myself that it's not the most important thing ever to keep a perfectly clean home.  Messes happen, piles appear, and life goes on!  Just take a look at some of the piles around my home:

I cleaned out my closet and these hand-me-downs are going to a friend.

Items for one part of our business.

More business supplies.

Shipping supplies...boxes are everywhere!

Egg cartons from a co-worker, ready to be filled with eggs from our hens.

Only PART of my Dittos for Kiddos consignment inventory, needing to be entered and tagged and sorted and packed away for transport.

Sadly, these aren't even all of the piles!  Ha!  Yes, there is a lot going on here, but it is mostly good stuff.  Working together with my family on these projects is invaluable...we are learning great lessons by working together.  Hopefully, several of these projects will also yield a paycheck!  Ha!

Okay, I'm off to homeschool coop, then back to tackle some more piles!  I have a feeling the piles will get worse before they get better, but that's okay.  Work is good for us!

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