Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Encouragement

I recently read a fantastic book by Nancy Ortberg titled Seeing in the Dark:  Finding God's Light in the Most Unexpected Places.  It is a fantastic read, and one that I highly recommend.  If ever you've felt distant from the Lord, you'll find great encouragement in the pages Nancy writes.  As a bonus, it is a fairly short book, which makes it a quick read, though you will find yourself thinking about it long after you've turned the last page.  If you are like me, you will read through, highlighter in hand, and re-visit the book often.  Yes, I liked it.

In the book, Nancy writes this:  "Perhaps this is where the spiritual life is so at odds with the rest of life:  in the pace.  Eternity has already begun. yet we race around as though our time is limited.  God acts slowly over time, in exquisite mystery.  We are restless, anxious, driven, and consumed...often by all the wrong things."

This passage struck me. I often find myself trying desperately to keep up.  I'm often bound by a crazy schedule, running from place to place, tending to a hundred things all of the time. My heart is anxious and consumed...but with what?  Seeing the world flying by, and feeling the pull of all.the.things that the world has to offer me and my family is difficult.  Wanting to fit in, look normal, and be a part of all the great things out there is a struggle we all face.  We are constantly bombarded with messages like "Today is the day!"  and "Act NOW!"  It is a constant unsettled feeling.  It is as though if we don't hurry up and (insert anything here) then we will miss out.  If we don't hurry up, we will be sorry.

I am a worrier. I have extreme anxiety and spend much wasted time worrying about things I cannot control.  It's not my finest quality.  I'm ashamed of it.  I am fully aware that my sin of worry does not add one day to my life.  (The truth is, the worrying just may take away days from my life!)  But her words, "We are restless, anxious, driven, and consumed...often by all the wrong things."  Yes, this.  I worry about all of the wrong things.  I waste energy and time being restless, anxious.  Though my heart craves the calm, the worry wins out.  I am a mess.

The perspective change came when she said, "Eternity has already begin."  Let that sink in.  We are promised forever with Jesus Christ.  AND IT HAS ALREADY STARTED.  I do not have to wait in order to rest in the peace of Jesus.  I can slow the frantic pace of life, and rest in Him.  The debt has been paid.  I don't have to wait until Heaven to walk with Jesus...I walk with Him now.

The God of Heaven, with whom I will spend eternity, is the VERY SAME God of my life today.  He is Lord of these days, hours, minutes, and moments, just as He is Lord of the Heavens.  And I trust Him.  I can slow down, savor Him, and watch Him unfold each day as an exquisite mystery.  In His time, not mine.  No hurry, just trust.

No hurry, just trust.

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